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Choosing Cheap Linux Dedicated Server

Web hosting is very crucial for ecommerce business. The key of ecommerce business is a high performance website. The website must be visually attractive and has high online visibility to create high traffic. More than that, the website must be optimized to turn the traffic into reliable sales lead. Without a reliable hosting, website performance won’t be able to support the traffic and it will only give bad experience to the visitor. As your ecommerce business is expected to grow and becomes more sustainable, you are recommended to consider Linux dedicated server for your website hosting.

Linux Hosting

Linux is widely preferred for web hosting. It’s a fact no one can deny. As open source platform, Linux offers more flexibility to build website. For web hosting, Linux is widely praised for its reliability, stability, and efficiency. There are also many options of open source applications to optimized the websites. As your website is Linux based, you need to start review the options for cheap linux dedicated server.

Dedicated Linux Server

Dedicated server is a popular term for a dedicated hosting service or managed hosting service. Basically, it is a web hosting with all resources of the whole server. The client leases entire server without sharing it with any other client. This arrangement allows client to have full control of entire server including determining the operating system, hardware, applications, and others. Renting a dedicated server means the entire server is devoted for your ecommerce website. It is the type of hosting suitable to host high traffic and resource intensive website or application. With total control of the entire server, it also ensures higher security. Dedicated Linux server is certainly based on Linux operating system. The system, configuration, applications, and including the hardware, are optimized to host Linux based website.

As you will be renting the entire server dedicated to your ecommerce website, it definitely will cost more than renting shared hosting. No wonder there’s stereotype that dedicated hosting is only suitable for big business entities with big resources, not for small and medium enterprises with limited resources. Then again, that’s the stereotypes. As web hosting industry becomes more competitive and supported with more advanced technology, the cost of dedicated server hosting becomes more reasonable. You can research many web hosting providers and you will find that cheap linux dedicated server is highly possible. Some providers offer it at low price feasible enough for enterprises with limited resources.